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See what other people are saying about our Desert Ridge apartments! At Desert Ridge Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.



Molly and Rio at this public storage were helpful made this experience very easy.. Nice clean storage !!



My name is Stanley and I'd taken the opportunity to go pick up a pool key from the office and I was overwhelmingly embraced with such dedication, poised deliverance in etiquette and professionalism. It's my Genuine pleasure to express gratitude and exuberation of intelligence and sophistication I was embraced by. I'm motivationally moved by two intelligent women you have working at the front desk of the entry office. There names are (1).Yeslin Hernandez and (2). Rosalyne Smith. They're loyal, knowledgeable and charismatic enthusiasm elevated my own charm and wit. These two stimulating women together or separately bring stimulation of elegance to this amazing office. They're so friendly and down right motivational. These two woman should be cloned to represent all apartment complexes all over las vegas Nevada. They're the absolute best in my opinion. They exemplify noble charisma and committed character. I observed these ladies making tenants before me feel welcomed and apart of the office as well as of the community. I'm vigilant and I pay attention to details. Thank you for employing such divine women that goes up and beyond the call of duty to make everyone feel special and deserving of fair unconditional treatment. Thank you all for employing women who care about their company first, then the tenants and then themselves. That's commendable. Stay elevated the whole Desert Ridge Staff. Sincerely, Stanley Harris


I've literally dealt with every one in this office and I'm always greeted with a smile and have always been treated amazing. Keep being the best, good job guys.


Very cozy home I had when I lived their. Until my had gotten sick,I enjoy my peace Quite



Hello, I have recently moved in to Desert Ridge Apartment from out of stage. I have had nothing but an amazing experience. As for someone who is transferring states without any feedback, the ladies in the office made it very easy and comfortable for me to do it so. . Since the first time I call inquiring they were very helpful in describing the area, as well as offering me others locations. Very polite and hospitality personalities I encounter when I came to visit , that made me fill out an application and have everything ready to move in within a few weeks. The apartments have been remodel and updated, very beautiful greenery that you do not see a lot down here in Las Vegas. Every time I go to the office I get greeted with a smile and a warm welcome. The ladies are the best always smiling and such an amazing personality. I am glad I chose this location out of all the rest. I love the views of the city and being so close to the mountains.



I love my apartment and if anything goes wrong, they are quick to respond. I appreciate the cleanliness around the apartments. Yes, there are knuckleheads that drive through with their stereos blasting and they speed like crazy, but for the most part, this is a nice place to live. Our swimming pool is being used by the children across the street in the "condos," that should be forbidden, but I see the pool cleaner coming by more than two times a week. People who get their mail need to walk it to the office or drop it in the box, not set it on the trash can! These two issues are tenant issues and everyone needs to take care of where they live and be respectful of each other! Neighbors, don't set your trash outside your door or two or three days, it starts to smell and critters come. Watch your children at the pool and gym area. Children with bad behavior have learned it from somewhere and it usually begins in the home. I enjoy my beautiful of Vegas when the lights go down or the fireworks during the holiday. Appreciate where you live and the lower rent than in surrounding states!

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